Monday, November 12, 2012

Chew, chew! (Again, not a train)

Bunny lovers know that part of bunny-proofing your home is providing them with alternative things for them to explore, chew and dig. The paper box is for that digging urge.

Whatever your objective, bunnies will multitask and one item may serve multiple purposes. The digging box is fine until they have chewed it to cardboard dust and then it needs to be replaced.

The primary purpose of this box was for exploration and shelter. The bunnies are going to chew on any box, but for this one, it seemed to transition from primarily a place to explore or hide into a chew toy. In this video, Ethel is giving it "what for". She wants a door where she wants a door.

So that's Ethel's efforts but all of them have participated. One night, one bunny was on one end of the box and the other two on the other end. Their chewing was pushing the box back and forth like a dinghy in rough seas.

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