Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rabbit Ramblings has a Facebook page!

Rabbit Ramblings has a Facebook page!
But I repeat myself.
Bunya has decided to try to expand his
and the girls' web presence with
this next move into social media.
(And there it will stop.)

A few months of prior posts have been listed to seed the page. Links to new RR posts will be added to the Facebook page as they are written. This is just another way for RRRR (Regular Rabbit Ramblings Readers) to keep up when a new post is added to the blog.

So, would you please go to and
"Like" the RR page? (at the top, just under the banner).

Also, if you can figure out what it takes to be added as a "Member" (see right hand column) of this blog, please join us here, too.

Thank you!