Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bunnydom activities of daily living - 3

As noted in earlier post: This week, RR will try to explore the Activities of Daily Living for bunnies. Won't hit them all in a single week, but we'll see what we can do.

#3: Pooping!
Who pooped?
(Two "Cleopatras" - Queens of Denial)

While many readers commented that their bunnies also love hay cubes (yesterday's post), this one is applicable to anyone who has a bunny, because they love to do this.

One of the many nice things about bunnies is that they can be litter box trained. If they are "fixed", then this is easier. It's also easier when they are a little older. Once Lucy & Ethel approached a year, the number of free-range poops (i.e., not in litter box) decreased substantially.
Everybody gets a corner

Bunny poop is very important for gauging the health of your bunny. Healthy poops are round pellets. Not-so-healthy poops may be smaller than usual, runny or strung together (someone's been eating carpet fibers). No poops might be the worst. Read up on poop in the resources; it can indicate some serious medical conditions that need to be addressed quickly.

Some direct links for you to learn about bunny poops (please, contain your excitement):
Georgia HRS - look under the heading RABBIT POOP & DIGESTION for relevant articles.
Check here under Rabbit Health 101, specifically Disorders of the Digestive Tract
HRS has a page of medical topics here.

Wishing you all a lifetime of healthy, round poops.
Well, wishing that for your bunnies.

(I know ... this should have been Activity #2.)


  1. IDK...i bet buns would agree that mining for cubes is better than pooping...haha :)

  2. Funny never had and problems with that with Speedy took to it Striaght away,like he knew what it was all about