Friday, November 2, 2012

One morning at the bunny breakfast table

We often serve them their Bunny Basic/T crumbles in a couple of dishes, so they don't have to crowd or share, if they are not of such a mind.

But sometimes, they just want to be close.
Or shove the others aside as they make their way to the bowl.

The way this evolved is typical: Ethel is usually last to the dinner call ("Chow time!"). She hops, skips and jumps a route around the den and under the furniture like Billy in Family Circus trying to get from point A to point B, but there's a whole alphabet in between those two letters.

So to get some food, she will sometimes wiggle her way in between Bunya and Lucy - which is what she did in this picture. Other times, she will try but they won't budge, so she hops over both of them and approaches the dish from the opposite side.

The next course is mixed greens, followed by more fresh hay (Timothy plus a small side of one of their "treat" hays).
And now that's the weather's turned cold, they "just" get cold, filtered water, as opposed to the summertime when we add ice cubes to the water bowl (as recapped here).

[Now, in your best Mr. Rogers voice ...]
Can you say "Bunny slaves"?
Sure, I knew you could.


  1. but they just want to get cosey even at breakfast,that is so cute

  2. Bunny Logic -expressed in a language we don't understand.