Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The bunny morning after

Well, we hope you and yours had a wonderful New Year's celebration.

Paparazzi shot from the bunnies' New Year's celebration ...
This is the bunny equivalent of wearing
a lampshade on your head at the office party.
In the wee hours ...
Bunya: I can't believe I had that much carrot juice.
The pen is spinning. Ugh.
And the next morning ...
Bunya: Hoooo-eeeee ... My breath is terrible!
Feels like an army of carrots marched through
my mouth with mud on their boots.

Hey you, human! Can you pour those crumbles in the bowl a little quieter?!?

Bunya is still dealing with the morning after. We all need to learn moderation.
Hope you fared better than he did.
> ; )

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