Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bunny playground

The Sonoma Humane Society's Department of Bunny has an adorable little video to publicize their Saturday afternoon bunny playground events. 
Adorable + bunnies = Rabbit Ramblings material!

Things to look for:
LOTS of cute bunnies.
In the beginning, the binky the "production company" is named after (Leaping Rabbit).
About 47 seconds in, the grey and white bunny just to the left of middle screen scratches the ground and then gives a one-and-a-half whole body twisting flop (I rate it an easy 8.5).
Lots of bunnies running around, chasing each other, leaping and laying on little carpet mats like it's kindergarten nap time.
Cuteness abounds.
Hope you enjoy!

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