Saturday, January 26, 2013

RR Submission - Bunnies in Paris

A RR reader sent in information on the artist/photographer of the recent meme/picture of the rampaging bunnies in an alternate universe. Here is another example of her work, with the RR reader's bunnies, Clyde (lop) and Marley (not lop ... okay, in black).

Clyde: Parlez vous humma-humma?
(Cheech & Chong reference)

The artist extraordinaire is Toni Greetis of the Red Door Shelter (where she is also a board member). She takes the pictures as one of her wonderfully creative fundraising campaigns.

You can see a video about their good works here or make a donation here.


  1. The adoption profile for Tosca (the flemish giant girl) was one of the most entertaining that I've ever read. Thanks - they seem like a great organization.