Friday, January 11, 2013

More on the bunny vinegar boxes

Yesterday's post here and on Facebook got a lot of hits and comments, in addition to readers checking out the related old post. So, here's a little more detail on the vinegar box construct.

This is the box in question.
It hold 4 super-sized bottles of vinegar.
A piece of cardboard reinforces the sides
and divides it in half.

Here is the divider outside the box.
The bunnies came over to see what I was doing to their box.
This is an extra that sits under the kitchen table.
You can see that there has been some drive-by nibbling
(check out the wavy right side of the box).

So the trick is to get 2 of these boxes and
turn them so there are openings on all 4 sides.
Then pull the 4 corners of one box over the corners of the other box.

This is the result: They will park themselves inside
to nap or just tear it up. Or stand on top.
The box divider gives them different levels and chambers in which to play.

Tank commander General Bunya Patton
(standing on upper level created by divider)

If you make one for your bunnies and they like it, send RR some pictures of them playing in or on it.

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