Saturday, January 19, 2013

More bunnies on TV

A RR fan in the UK spotted bunnies in a rerun on TV (the telly?) and shared a picture from the show.

Lee Majors and bunnies in The Fall Guy
"Rabbit's Feet"
Season 3, Episode 16 (01-25-1984)

Channel surfing, I spotted some bunnies in a movie on TV. It was Fool's Gold with Mathew McConaughey.
First, it showed a a cool neon bunny sign.

(I'd like one of these, but it looked pretty huge)

Then it showed a bunny being held and pet by a character named Bigg Bunny. When I heard the name at first, I really thought he was called "Big Bunya" but Mrs. Bunnymom was pretty sure it was not. She was right.
> : (

Bigg Bunny's big bunny

Bunnies everywhere - brought to you here.
= : )

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