Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ethel Flops

Less than 7 seconds in total and over in 3.
Ethel was cleaning her ears and it looked so cute, I tried to capture it on video. The camera got working just as she stopped grooming, but then she did one of her slo-mo twisty head flops.
She is so cute.


  1. that's what Speedy does,only he tries to go upside down too,they are so cute when they do this,xx

  2. Awww! Lola gets his head almost all the way upside-down before the rest of him follows, & often he lands in a near 'play dead' pose. Sometimes, he'll wiggle his head &/or paws a couple times, like he didn't quite land 'just so'. Whenever we see him do it, there's 'Awww' coming from all the witnesses.

  3. and Bunya doesn't move an inch. :)