Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How our bunnies stay cool

They hit the cool bricks (at least, when their pen gate is open).

Bunya is almost camouflaged against the brick.

Or snuggle around the water dish (with ice cubes).

A bunny's normal temperature is around 101-103 degrees F. Plus, they wear little fur coats. Help your bunnies stay cool. That's why they're "house rabbits" - air conditioning is a good thing for them, too. Here are a couple of posts about cool bunnies:
Bunny care - Stay cool
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  1. Lola hangs out on the end of the couch, where the a/c blows the coldest. He's quite the little air hog!

  2. Speedy loves to stretch out in his play pen in the kitchen,there is alway a draft along the floor just there,xx