Saturday, July 20, 2013

Visit to GHRS, Part 1

The bunnies needed manicures and we needed supplies (Probios, hays, Oxbow Bunny Basics/T pellets ...).

Since Lucy does not like to be picked up, she is the first we have to snag; if we can't get her first, she will find someplace we can't reach her and disappear.

I feel terrible doing it, but I offered a papaya and tried to snag her. And missed. *sigh*
Feeling even worse, I opened the jar of Probios, their ultimate treat. Could the sound of the jar opening, the sound of the shaking treats and the sight of the jar trigger some Pavlovian-like conditioning, even though she knew I just tried to pick her up?
Yes. I was very surprised. And felt so guilty.

She couldn't even eat her treat after I put her in the carrier with it. None of them did; it was still there when we got home. Anyway, Bunya was next and then Ethel (who is the most traumatized by the carrier and car travel).

The bunnies shift around in their carrier, hunker down,
huddle together ... and their ears shake like leaves in a hurricane.

The reason for the trip: bunny manicures.
In case you can't tell,
this is one disapproving bunny.

When they were released at home, I was rightfully and emphatically flicked off, primarily by Lucy. She made her feeling about the whole episode quite clear.

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  1. I think you're very lucky looks can't actually kill.. Or Bunya just realizes who can get at the treats.

    (Scout was terrified of "outside".. I know the guilt of having to drag them outside well and you have my sympathy!)

  2. Yep they just don't like it and they know how to show you how ticked off they are too!xx

  3. Ooh, my! That is one VERY disapproving Bunya! I do Lola's manies, myself. He still runs under the couch & thumps at me a few times, before forgiving me, but those 'outside' trips are way worse.