Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny (x 4)

Inspired by a Facebook fan who posted something similar on the RR Facebook page (recapped at the bottom of this post), here are RR's "Top 10" lists, all together (from a couple of years ago).

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part 1]
It's all about the bunnies! [Feel free to substitute dog, cat or whatever your pet is for “bunny”.]

1. Your friends and relatives all buy you bunny stuff.
See myriad pictures on the Bunny Things page.

2. Your family sends you bunny cards for your birthday.
Even if they have to save up Easter cards and write "birthday" over Easter"

3. You shop for the freshest greens at the farmer's markets.
But you don't eat salads

4. Your family tells you how much healthier you'd be if you ate more like your bunnies.
Constantly ... give it up already, like I haven't heard this 100 times

5. You have more pictures of your bunnies on your cell phone than anything else.
Yeah, sorry about that, kids

6. You wear a Bugs Bunny costume every Halloween.
Batman is not even in the running

7. Your favorite dance is the Bunny Hop.
What's "Disco"?

8. The only bumper sticker you ever put on any of the cars you've ever owned reads: Let me tell you about my bunnies!
My bunny is cuter than your honor student

9. The first thing you do in the morning, after answering nature’s call, is go feed the bunnies.
And they are soooo excited to see you.

10. Your computer bookmarks are all bunny-related sites.
Do you need any others?

Just what are the humans hiding up these stairs???

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part Deux]

1. You have a different voice that is just for the bunnies.
I didn't know my wife even had a pet voice until we got bunnies

2. You talk to them when you come home from work.
Not just about YOUR day, but asking about theirs

3. You squinch your lips together and try to match the speed of the motor in your bunny’s nose when he's looking at you.
And, yes, you do look like the village idiot

4. You call your bunny “my little baby.”
She's approaching 10 years old

5. Your t-shirts are all bunny-themed.
You buy them from the bunny sites bookmarked on your computer

6. You rip the rabbit recipes out of your cooking magazines.
Other than that inhumanity, those magazines are sacred (see Affection for bunnies)

7. You delight in giving them treats because they get so excited. 
And run high speed circles around your feet

8. You love it when they excitedly run up to greet guests.
It's like when your kids finally quit hiding behind your leg and would say "hello" when meeting new people

9. The bunny toys outnumber your kids’ toys.
Hey, the kids are just gonna' play on the computer anyway

10. When you are dining out, you always think of them as you admire the salad course.
So you order a “field greens salad, no dressing, to go” for the floor diners.
Of course, they may choose to eat on the sofa or coffee table while watching their favorite TV shows.

Oooh - from my favorite restaurant! Perfectly prepared!

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part C]

1. Your computer wallpaper is a picture of your bunny.
Not your spouse.
Not your children.
You take constant grief for this.
If they ever find out your screensaver is a bunny slide show...

2. In a tender moment with your spouse, you scratch him/her behind the ears.
What so wrong about this?!? You love them!

3. You shop for "entertaining" boxes to hold your warehouse store purchases.
You have your standards ... plain brown boxes; minimal ink; no slick paper; big enough to jump into or on, hide in, cut doors and windows in...

4. A beautiful person walks by and you notice the bunny-themed accessory they are wearing.
Did you see those perfectly adorable bunny earings!?!

5. You buy them more than the regular Timothy hay.
Okay, you seek out more varietals than a vintner...
Western Timothy hay and "treat" flavors like orchard grass hay and oat hay.
And while you serve them lots of the Timothy hay, as you should, you add a couple of "side dishes" of the others.

6. People can identify your pets by the hairs on your clothes.
That's a lot of hair ... you have how many bunnies???

7. You have a lint brush or lint roller in the bunny room.
And your bedroom. The kitchen. Your car. The office…

8. You really hate it when you go out of town and have to board them.
You feel a disturbance in the force.

9. When people ask how you are doing, you tell them about your bunnies.
The latest really cute thing they did.
The mischief they got into.
The results of their semi-annual vet check-up...

10. One bunny is not enough!
There are so many that need homes at your local HRS chapter. Adopt one today.
Better - adopt a bonded pair.
Caution: If you are married, find the balance between maximum number of bunnies in the household and staying married.

How many bunnies can you find in this picture?
(Hint: Look for three.)

Top 10 Ways You Know You Love Your Bunny Rabbit [Part IV]

[Feel free to substitute dog, cat or whatever your pet is for “bunny”.]

1. You can never have too much bunny stuff. (Rabbit’s Guy)
*Ahem* Yes, well check out the “Bunny Things” page.
But I swear, it’s not all mine.

2. Your bunnies make you smile. (Crafty Green Poet)
And sometimes laugh out loud, hopefully without scaring them laughing so loud and hard.
Laughing is good for you.

3. You sing to your bunnies. (Crafty Green Poet)
Top 40?
With my singing voice, my buns are much more appreciative when I turn on the TV for them.

4. You seem to always have a few scratches but really don’t notice them.(thef1chick)
It’s just a calendar entry: Remember to clip bunny nails.

5. John Updike is your favorite author. 
(Rabbit Run, Rabbit Redux, Rabbit is Rich, Rabbit at Rest, Rabbit Remembered)
Yeah, okay, your favorite book is really Bunnicula.
As long as you read it with the lights on.

6. Harvey is your favorite movie.
But any movie is best when preceded by Bugs Bunny cartoons.

7. You know you are doing okay by your bunnies when you get licks.
Laying on your recliner or the sofa, there is suddenly a bunny on your stomach, then licking your nose, then gone…

8. When your bunny chews your favorite magazine, you really don’t mind.
Speaking for my pen magazines, of course … not her cooking magazines.

9. You could swear your bunny winked at you.
Well, he did. 
We both saw it. 

10. You are partial in your shopping to products with a particular theme:
(Many thanks to my many pet-loving friends, relatives and Rabbit Ramblings Readers who contributed to this list.)


From a Facebook reader:
You know you own a house bunny or several (or maybe you just love bunnies) when….
…you see an empty toilet paper tube in the bathroom at work and wonder how you can get it off the spool to take home to your bunny
…driving through the countryside, you see bales of hay and wonder how much one costs and then you wonder how you would store it
…you spend more time selecting greens for your bunny at the grocery store, than you do selecting produce for your human family
… see a vast green lawn and visualize your bunny hopping and binkying all over it
….you have a vast green lawn and wonder how you could build a fence around it so that your bun can hop and binky all over it (and how much it would cost, and how deep you’d have to bury the fence to make sure she doesn’t dig out, and how to make sure there would be no predators from above…like falcons, cats, etc….)
….when you see a rainbow, you don’t think of Takei, you think of the rainbow bridge for buns
….you spend much of your day (too much) looking at the cute pics that Bunya posts!
[For which we thank you!]


  1. A bunny wink means they're irritated. I, of course, never ever saw this. Never, ever. Nope! ;)

  2. hehehehe nothing like bunny people,xx Rachel

  3. Too much fun - Yup, gotta love bunneh peeps! (almost as much as ya love their bunnies!)

  4. And you would never even consider shopping anywhere rabbit is sold for any reason but as a furbaby.