Friday, July 19, 2013

The bunnies' new BUNNY THING!!!

At BunnyFest this year was a bunny digging box as part of the silent auction.
Wanted it; didn't get it.

But had a great discussion with one of its "architect/builders" (Mr. Dr. thebunnylady) about what would I want in a digging box. Or rather, what I thought the bunnies might like. He took those ideas and much more and came up with this. The highest compliment I can give this project is: He was thinking like a bunny.

I will try to recap its many wonderful features:
It is a combination playhouse and digging box.
It is divided into sections and has multiple entrances/exits.
Along this side is one entrance (the bunny outline) and a window
(the Plexiglas can be removed so it becomes an entrance).
There is another entrance on the left side, for which steps have been built.

Relative to the prior picture, this is the "back" side (see the steps)
There is another entrance on this side and it has a
ramp/tunnel combo that leads up to it.

From this perspective, you can see the two main chambers.
The bottom one is carpeted.
The upper one (under the paper) is floored with linoleum.
Strips of paper provide the material to "dig" through.
The two parts are connected by another door and
at the "top" (in this picture's orientation) is
a shelf (level with the ramp) for the bunnies
to step onto before diving into the paper

(it also provides access to the top).

This picture shows the carpeted top,
with the opening just above the shelf,
making this 3 levels of bunny entertainment.
Lucy standing on the shelf, looking around.
Lucy & Ethel exploring the steps and rooms.
Lucy & Ethel exploring the penthouse level.

Bunya seemed to settle into various spots and
look out upon his world.
He also liked to look out from under the tunnel
(that the ramp leads up to).
As we expected, Ethel loves digging through the paper. She will swim her laps and sometimes peek out at us through the little window. I think she's smiling. (See prior post about "SCUBA": Self Contained Underpaper Bunny Apparatus here.)

Expect to see this bunny toy in many future posts.


  1. That is so cool, how much did something like that cost? I have a few designs to build one of my own of our bunnies. I find it hard to find things big enough for my Flemish Giant Blue who is 22 lbs. and when he sits up is 3 feet tall.

    1. Wow! Your bunny weighs almost almost twice the TOTAL of all 3 of these bunnies! I think this is pretty big but you may need a construction permit to build your bunny a condo.

  2. That's really neat! where can you get them?

    1. Right now, it's a one-of-a-kind. The bunnies can chew this wood, too, but they used up all they had (replacement would has tripled in cost, I heard). If you are really interested, you can contact the Georgia House Rabbit Society and see if they are going to build any more and at what price.

  3. LOVE the picture of Bunya looking out from the rabbit cut-out!

  4. Now THAT is a place for bunnies to love!!!!