Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bunny vet visit

We noticed a spot of powder or crystals in the bunnies pen. This can be from urine, calcium when bunnies are not drinking enough. All three had been observed drinking, but someone wasn't getting enough. Some strategies to get them to drink more include: flavoring their water, pushing fluids or sub-q fluids. (Make sure you have detailed instructions and know what you are doing in all three cases.)

Since we were so close to their
regularly scheduled wellness checkup,
we went ahead and scheduled it for all three.
Detail - Somebunny
needs to drink more water.

And the ears shake from the minute they are in their carrier.
They know they are going on a car ride, which they hate.
Here, they are settling down a little in the vet's office,
and Bunya decides Ethel would make a good chin rest.

(Put carpet in your pet carrier to give the bunnies traction.)
Mister B gets weighted in,
insisting the vet tech get her thumb off the scale,
because he doesn't weigh anywhere near 5 pounds.
Miss Ethel is timid but pliable.
Miss Lucy gives us her weight
and a healthy dose of her scorn,
somewhat mitigated by those gorgeous big blue eyes.

Lucy gets probed by aliens.
She loved this. They all did.
Actually, checking a bunny's ever-growing teeth
is an extremely important part of a check-up.
The teeth can be the cause of a number of bunny health issues.
Once home, Lucy retreated to the favored hidey box,
to make sure we understood she was ticked-off.

All in all, three healthy bunnies, for which we are thankful.
(And pushing some extra fluids.)


  1. Awwww....such sweeties! Love poor Lucy's hiding back at home - that would be like our bun! Glad they are all ok. Can you explain what this powder/crystals looks like or show a picture?

    1. Detail picture added above in post so you can see better.

  2. My bunnies pout after the vet too. I usually get "fipped" off when they get back home. (Hind feet flicking you off to show they are angry.) Fip, Fip, Fip is the bunny equivalent of the finger I think.

  3. Hehehe Lucy is good at showing her scorn!xx Rachel