Sunday, October 6, 2013

The leaning tower of Ethel

Bonded bunny snuggle time. These first two pictures are from one snuggle time ... Little Miss Ethel was passing out and doing a leaning tower of Pisa on Bunya the Hutt, with whom it was just fine.


Another time ....
We have often credited Ethel as the snuggliest bunny of our trio. To snuggle with Bunya, Ethel was again leaning on him.

But when he left, she had to maintain her "lean" so as not to keel over.

"Please to insert snuggle bunny to my right."
It's not easy being so cute.


  1. Ethel seems like an incredibly sweet bunny. You've hit the bunny jackpot with her. She looks adorable in these photos. The last one almost looks like it could have been Photoshopped to take out Bunya, because the only thing she moved appears to be one ear. Everybun together now, say awwwww.