Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - Bunny Things Auctioned

So many wonderful things to bid on. There were bunny and non-bunny items, but this is a bunny blog, so here are some of the bunny items.
(Picture "quality" comment: Many of the art pieces were framed and with all the bright lights, it was difficult to snap ideal pictures, but you'll get the idea.)

Movie poster being admired
by art of John Hung Ha

Remember this?


Bunny treat cannister
Bunny slippers

Caption reads: Mommy's sippy cup

Zen Bunny, Bunny, Bunnnnnnnnn

Bunny heart dish

T-shirt from local brewery

Still available for purchase

Candy not sold separately from dish.
(I checked.)

Bunny jewelry

Bunny treats!

Bunny castle (by The Blissful Bunny - here's their FB page)

Bunny boat playhouse
(Also The Blissful Bunny - here's their Etsy's store link)

The Buna Lisa
Also still available for purchase

More bunny stuff tomorrow.

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