Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One day in the bunny princess bed ...

... there were 2 princesses, the sisters, Lucy & Ethel.

They were so cute, lounging against each other ...
a very popular pastime for Ethel (all white), finding a pen-mate to lean against.

The first picture was through the pen fence,
because Lucy is apt to move at the slightest provocation.
Actually, provocation not required.
She just has to think you are moving in her direction,
or that you might pick her up.
Here again, she did not disappoint.

Lucy giving her "Leave me alone" stink-eye.
Ethel with her "Huh, what's up, whydya' move?" look.

(P.S. Princess Bed is one of many wonderful bunny things we have from The Blissful Bunny.)

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