Thursday, October 3, 2013

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - Bunny Things to Buy

This is about the bunny things you could buy at the event - and still can!
Check out or the GHRS Hop Shop

A rack of the Mini-Bings detailed below - these are mini art prints
mounted on a foam-board backing, with a ribbon handle.
You can hang them just about anywhere ...  one person planned to hang hers
on the doorknobs of her rabbit rooms; others will hang them on their Christmas tree.

One of the blue Mini-Bings from the rack above

A table of bunny goodies you can buy from GHRS or from the website above.

A classic

Uh, yeah, and should have bunny-proofed better.
Unfortunately, the only way to test your
bunny-proofing and find it inadequate is
to have it tested by an expert - and fail.

T-shirt but human-sized
and should be bunny sized.
Although if they don't get the banana,
they probably consider us the thieves.
So ... never mind.

Flat Bonnies!
Another great GHRS fundraising event.
Thank you to all the volunteers who made it spectacular!

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