Monday, April 30, 2012

Bond, Re-Bond

So, who was you favorite Bond?
Well, never mind ... another time.

My favorite bond would be if our 3 bunnies would get along again.

Bunya getting Ethel licks through the fence.

"I can just stan's so much and then I can't stan's n'more."
 -- Famous visually impaired, vegetarian sailor

It was time to SHAKE 'EM UP!!!
First ingredient - all three into the carrier.

Why? They don't like it.
The drama pulls them together.
Took a ride to GHRS, let them out in a small exercise pen and brought them home again.
About 2+ hours in close quarters and unfamiliar surroundings.

There's a method to my madness.
Well, maybe not. At this point, I am just so tired of the three of them not being a couple.
I mean, uh, trio.

To be continued.


  1. Have you tried the mashed-up banana on the forehead trick?

    1. (In my best Maxwell Smart voice) Ah, yes, the old "mashed-up banana on the forehead" trick.
      Yes, Bunya looked like he had a head of banana Dippity-Do. That is what got him some of the licks through the fence.
      FYI, if you buy the pineapple cores at the grocery, you get some juice at the bottom you can brush on, too (not at the same time as the banana). One example:

  2. Thanks for the comment! Mind following?

  3. Human fingers and bunny paws crossed for a rebonding sooner than later.