Thursday, April 26, 2012

The bunny digging box

Just an update. Ethel still loves her paper digging box.
Lucy will stroll by, grab a piece of the paper and hop off to nibble on it somewhere.

If this is too long, jump ahead or go do something else. She just tunnels around in the paper, digs here and there, pops her head up to see what's going on above the "surface" and, at the end, hops out.

When the clip starts, she's towards the back left (then to right, then back left...).
About 55 seconds in, she periscopes so you can see her. Briefly.
Another head pop up at about 1:15.
At 1:55, there's a brief head pop and she starts digging, which you can hear in earnest at about 2:15.

Earlier posts about Ethel and her digging box are here and here.

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