Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bunya update

Yesterday afternoon, Bunya had an appointment at the vet to update his x-rays. Just to remind the three of them that they belong together, all three of them made the trip together.

Carrier bunnies, on the way to the vet's office

Happily, good news. Where the original x-rays showed such a large obstruction in Bunya's gut that it pressed the air/gas into a narrow crescent around the circular mass, this internal picture showed a bit of this and that, here and there ... whatever it was (hairball?) has broken up and is being expelled (you could see the little evenly spaced poops marching in an orderly fashion through his digestive system and towards the exit). We are cutting the medicine dose in half and will finish off the little bit left in the bottle.

When Bunya was first x-rayed, one nurse was able to hold him in position ... he was so pooky, they could see it in his attitude. This time, it took two nurses; we will take this as another sign of recovery - they said: "Now that's the Bunya we know and love!"

Thank you to all the RR readers thinking good thoughts for Bunya and the well-wishes and inquiries sent via the comments. And thank you to our wonderful exotics/rabbit-savvy vet and staff.

Coming soon: Attempts at re-bonding.


  1. Yay soon be back to your old self Bunya!

  2. What delightful news to read this morning!!
    Glad to hear Bunya is feeling better!
    Now, I'm thinking with all the matzah I have to eat in the coming week, my stomach x-ray may look like his previous ones!!!
    I hope you and your family have a delightful Easter holiday!

    1. Day 2 and I have had enough matzah to remind me of the Exodus. Try whole wheat matzah. If not for matzah pizza, I'd starve.

    2. There's a new Mediterranean matzah!!! With Rosemary, herbs and onion! Quite tasty actually, though still as heavy as cement in the tum-tum.
      It does turn "Let my people go" into a whole new meaning :)

  3. Good news. I like good news. Not enough lately. Thank you Bunya.

  4. So glad to hear of the GOOD NEWS!