Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bunny "You First" Dance

If you are a regular Rabbit Ramblings reader ("RRRR"), you know that we need to re-bond Bunya with the girls. This requires a fair amount of time, which we can not spare in abundance at the moment.

The bunnies do interact through the fence. Their primary pen has openings big enough that anybun might poke his or her head through. Sometimes, the efforts have resulted in a brief period of detente, and in really good instances, both parties to the negotiations might get head licks.

However, while that was what I was hoping to film, such was not the case here.

Ethel stands firm, pokes her head through for licks and closes her eyes, waiting. And waiting.
Bunya wants licks, too. When he sees that her eyes are closed and she is not going to budge, he relaxes back into his bunny loaf position. However, he does keep an eye on Ethel and as soon as she opens her eyes to see what's happened to him and her licks, he lunges forward into the "lick me first" position. Eventually, he lays himself flat, to make his desire to be licked abundantly clear, which Ethel ignores, until she sits up, having given up on Bunya as another utterly hopeless male. (All in about a minute)