Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prepare to "Squeeee!"

A recent intake to GHRS consisted of a family of bunnies, a Mom, Dad, 2 teenagers and a litter of very new baby bunnehs.

Baby bunnehs at GHRS, all huddled together

The babies are now big enough to be cared for at one of the GHRS volunteer foster homes.

Bunneh family in the carrier, about to leave GHRS, headed to foster home
(Looks like they lost that orange tint of Georgia clay, er, soil)

After a few more weeks, the bunnies will be big enough to "fix" and be available for adoption. To see about adopting one of these bunnies or another of the many wonderful adoptable bunnies at GHRS, check out their great website of the Georgia House Rabbit Society. If you already have a bunny, their Care Health & Diet page has lots of great information.


  1. From Speedy and mum:ahww how cute definately huge amounts of squee..what do you think Speedy?..can you play with them?..They are a bit to far from us Speedy never mind..

  2. Let's hope for good homes for all ...