Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bosu Ball Bunya

In the beginning, there was one bunny.
And his name was Bunya.
And it was good.

As the first bunny, and a solo bunny for a while (until GHRS was discovered), Bunya became the most acclimated to humans. Of the three, he will go up to a stranger proffering a treat, while Lucy & Ethel will hang back timidly; the girls only accept treats from familiar humans.

While working out this morning, I realized that Bunya's territory was limited because of the other bunnies' behaviors. Bunya used to keep me company while I exercised. He pretty much stayed out of trouble and would flop somewhere, often against the door, where he looked like a bunny doorstop (in the bunny loaf position).

Then along came Alice. While Bunya has a healthy respect for the treadmill (and an occasional taste for the rubber trim), Alice wanted to get ON the treadmill. While it was running. While I was already on it.

Taking a leap of faith (onto the treadmill and my 3 or 4 mph foot), Alice got her little white fuzzy butt punted a good one. Funny now in retrospect, but we rushed her to the vet to make sure she was okay. ($he was.)

So Bunya and Alice's turf was reduced to exclude that part of the basement.

Along came Lucy & Ethel. In the attempted re-expansion, it quickly became apparent that Lucy loves to munch on the carpet on the stairs. We assume she was the one leaving the little poop necklaces, strung together by fibers. Not a good thing. So, territory was again restricted.

But until the bunnies are re-bonded (praying for it), boys and girls run around separately. This morning, it was Bunya's turn to run around for exercise while I was exercising and I let him have back his old full roaming range.

I think he liked it. He got to chin things he hadn't chinned in a couple of years. He ran around the base of the walls (and stayed away from the treadmill). And there isn't much funnier than watching a little bunny butt bouncing down the stairs.

After his exploration, he flopped near the Bosu Ball and just kept me company.
It was wonderful.


  1. Well he is a very smart Bunny the others are to distracted by other stuff to get really smart like Bunya!Speedy is cheering for Bunya

  2. I hate to say it, but Bunya's always been my favorite. ;)

    1. Well, that's because he looks like Nico, right? (Except Nico is more svelte.)

  3. Yes, yes...our motives have been discovered! :D