Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ethel - litter box binkies

Ethel was jumping around like a little piece of popcorn (with ears). Activities like that usually happen so fast, they are near impossible to catch on video.

Well, this happy dance lasted a while and the part captured on video is where her exhilaration extended to the clean litter box and hay. Now the little tremors were intermittent, so this 6+ minute clip has been edited down to about a minute (Wait - What's that whooshing sound? Oh, it's all the RR readers breathing a sigh of relief.)

The first part is there because Lucy is exploring in the background, jumping into one of their boxes, poking her head out of another window and then exiting; right after Lucy exits the box is when Ethel happy feet go into action (at least, for the purposes of this clip). At the end, Ethel hops out of the litter box and joins the other buns; Lucy is munching hay cubes on the patio.

In case that's still too long for you, here's the Reader's Digest version, the best binky, "rapid fire".
And now: Short Attention Span Theater presents ....

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