Monday, June 25, 2012

Where are the "Buncam" three?

Perhaps it's daytime and you click on the "Buncam" button in the right-hand column ...
but you don't see three bunnies.
Well, sometimes you do. Especially dusk & dawn, bunny active times.
Or meal times - those are bunny VERY active times.

But those times you don't, where are they???

Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler have nothing on Rabbit Ramblings as we took our cameras deep into the wilds of the basement bunny domain last weekend to see where these creatures are when they are out of sight.

Ethel was actually out in the open,
snuggled down like a little bunny Sphinx,
in the coveted pen gate threshold.

Lucy was in what we believe to be her favorite
under-cover location, the Cheerios box.
They have chewed enough of a hole in its top
that you can sometimes see her black & white self
peeking though the skylight hole.

Bunya was snoozing in the tunnel ...
guess he wanted some cool shade,
away from that afternoon sun (or afternoon light bulbs).

Or perhaps when you don't see them,
they are at rehearsals for their new stage play!
Bunya wants to audition for Desi's part,
but in any case, has Fred down pat.