Thursday, June 28, 2012

A quick-like-a-bunny bunny favor, please

Atlanta magazine publishes a "Pet of the Month" in their print edition. Website viewers can "vote" on the entrants. However, the online voting doesn't make a difference because the "winner" is picked by the editorial staff.

As with many such general "pet" contests, the entries are 99% cats and dogs ... Not that there's anything wrong with that* (cats and dogs) - I've had and loved both. I haven't looked through all the entries, but I only saw one other bunny.
And a dog wearing bunny ears.

The goal - Get some recognition for GHRS and maybe get some more bunnies adopted. Or donations. Either will do. (Of course, a side benefit may be more RR traffic ... one can hope.)

Anyway, maybe if Bunya gets more "10s" and gets a higher score, it might improve his visibility to the editorial staff who pick the published "winner".

This should take you no more than 3 seconds:
Click here for Bunya's entry.

On the little orange-red ruler to the right of his picture, click on the "10" (ten).

That's it - you're done! No registration, no cryptic words to type, nothing ...

And we thank you!

(*Seinfeld reference)