Monday, June 4, 2012

Published bunny post #500!

Lucy: What's going on?
Ethel: I don't know ... 500 something.
Bunya: Who cares? Just keep licking me.

Well, seems like a special occasion to me. If this were a half hour TV comedy, that's way more than enough episodes for syndication.

A few musings upon this mile marker...

Thank you to all the Rabbit Ramblings readers and commentors.
A special thanks to the "Member" followers (scroll down the right-hand column to see them). If you are a reader and not yet a "Member", I would greatly appreciate your becoming a Member.

Thank you to all the readers and bunny slaves that live through our bunnies' medical and re-bonding crises with us and send us encouraging comments and positive thoughts for the buns.

Recently, RR went through a little reconstruction, which you may or may not have noticed. One reason for this was because the site seemed to operate better with Chrome and some things looked a little whompy-jawed on Internet Explorer (why can't we all just get along?).

The things that were here before are still here, but some are in a new location. Some new pages were added.

The first key to the changes is that the Pages links have been moved to the top of the right-hand column (they used to be under the RR banner). And ...

Moved to Bunny Care page:
Rabbit Resources - These are links to sites with great bunny care and information.
Definitions - About a few terms used in this blog and the bun-o-sphere in general.

Moved to new About Us page:
Bunny Backstory - Check these posts for "In the beginning..."
Bunya, Lucy & Ethel Around the Web - Pictures of them on other websites.
Favorite Posts
Posts if you need to relax - The Zen buns
Rabbit Ramblings viewers are global - Countries from which we have noted RR readers; a hopefully helpful "Translate" box has been added in the right-hand column.
Funny Bunnies - Bun-centric sites to give you a laugh
Bunny emoticons
Other sites you might enjoy

And a few other new pages have been added:
Bunny Pro & Con - Thoughts about bunnies as pets.
Submissions/Contact Us - Send us your funny bunnies or just email.
Bunny Supplies - Some of the supplies and things we use for our bunnies. From wherever you buy your supplies, this still might be semi-educational reading.
Rainbow Bridge - We lost so many blogging bunnies at the beginning of 2012, we decided to give this hopeful prose its own page.

Of course, Buncam is the page to tune into the bunnies and the Bunny Things page keeps expanding as bunny sightings occur.

Thank you, RR Readers!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. YAY!!!!! :::doing binkies::: mazel tov on such a mile stone!!!!!

  2. congrats thats alot of post whoopee!