Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bunny care - Stay cool

In this summer heat, you need to help your buns stay cool.
Inside, in air conditioning, is the best.

 Add ice to their water bowl.

After significant experimentation, it is suggested that you put the ice in the bowl first and then add water, instead of filling with water and splashing the cubes in after. The ice won't last long, but makes the water chilly for a little while, even after the cubes melt.

Freeze a water bottle.
For supervised play only; you don't want them eating the plastic or chewing a hole in the bottle so that it leaks (if they chew it, forget this idea).
Freeze the bottle standing up and with the cap open - empty some of the water from it (as the water freezes, it will fill up that space). And take the label off the bottle.
You can have a couple so they can play with one while the other is refreezing.


Keep them bunnehs cool!
How do you keep your pet cool in this summer heat?

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