Saturday, August 31, 2013

Antique stores can be a "bunny-rich" environment!

Went on a little get-away and stopped at some antique stores along the way. Never realized how many bunny things you can find there.
Thank you to the store owners who allowed me to take pictures (I try not to disturb things on the shelf or in the cabinets, so some other stuff may be in the picture). Their cards are included in case you want to go rabbit hunting in this permissible manner.


Okay, is the thing on the left is a bunny?
Having the eyes face front makes this a doubtful call,
but we couldn't figure out what else it was supposed to be.

I believe the holes are to hold
flower stems, but including the
ears and eyes with holes
made this just a little creepy to me.

The classic!


The bunny is "crystal clear" ...
the orange reflection is from another glass item behind it.



Loved this bunny


Didn't have time to go in but they had two big bunny statues outside.

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  1. some great bunnies,apart from the creep one,xx Rachel