Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who grooms whom?

When this clip starts, it almost looks like the girls are kissing. As it evolves, we see the always sweet Miss Ethel dishing out the lovin'. But this time, she's asking for a little reciprocity.

However, Lucy seems disinclined to share the love. What happens with bunnies is a little head butting contest and attempts to slide one's head under the mouth or chin of the other. Ethel keeps trying, giving Lucy little licks and then asking for some of the same.

Lucy is not forthcoming, so Ethel is forgoing. Away from Lucy.


  1. Whom. "Who grooms Whom?"
    Sorry. I paid a lot for that English degree; I have to use it once in a while.

    1. My apologies and thank you. In spite of efforts to use correct spelling and grammar, I do slip up. Hopefully, my former English teacher sister won't read the comments and discover this egregious (former) error. My oldest son, if he read this, would likewise display bunny-like disapproval.

  2. aww come on Lucy, share the bun bun love.

  3. Poor lil Ethel! Ask she needs is love, love! Love is all she needs!

  4. Cute! happens to my two rabbits all the time. I have to offer to groom them both instead.