Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ethel gets some lovin' - finally

It's great to have bonded bunnies. They keep each other company and share the love. The way bunnies show their affecting is by grooming. Ethel is the sweetest of the three and it's our best guess that she does the lion's share of the grooming on Bunya and Lucy.

So it was nice to see Ethel getting her due. But about 15 seconds in, Lucy gets distracted grooming herself and so Ethel crawls a little closer to remind Lucy what she was doing. Fortunately, Lucy obliges a few seconds later and Ethel gets more loving.

The video runs a little while beyond Lucy's re-booting and you can stop watching after Lucy restarts (just don't tell me you stopped early).


  1. Awww! So good to see Lucy being so sweetto Ethel!

  2. Yay lots of loving for Ethel,xx
    Thank you for your kind coments on SPeedys up coming surgery,xx RAchel