Friday, August 2, 2013

Ethel in the bunny fun house

The bunnies' new funhouse digging room is most often used by Ethel. I was trying to get a little video of Ethel enjoying it to show the man who built it (Dr. Mr. thebunnylady).

Well, the plans of humans and the behavior of bunnies ...

As soon as I got to an opening to view Ethel at play, she froze - her look screams "Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert - Danger, Will Robinson!" When I didn't move, she gave me a few more alert looks and then I was soundly THUMPED (slightly muffled by the paper). She zoomed out of the farthest exit from me and around the room and hid. I felt terrible.

Bet I'm going to find a few bunny "raisins" at the bottom of that paper.


  1. Oh noooo! Shame man! I know how you feel, sometimes I scare my buns by mistake too, and it really does make you feel awful...

  2. Oh dear it happens sometimes don't feel bad,xx