Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bunny bedtime bedlam

When it's the bunnies bedtime (or when we otherwise want them in their pen), we grab some of their Oxbow Bunny Basics/T pellets, add a few Exact as a treat and plop it in their food dishes.

As soon as they know what's happening (basically, as soon as we head for the food and treat jars), bunny bedtime bedlam ensues. For grins, we decided to capture an episode for video posterity.

The video starts before any human heads for the food/treats. They come toward the camera in case I have pocketed some treats to give them through the fence ... Bunya is first in line, of course.

About 10 seconds in, they pick up on what's happening. Bunya and Lucy turn - Lucy takes off and Bunya's chasing her. Not to be left out, Ethel joins the parade.

When Bunya and Lucy start their second lap, Ethel veers off to the left and runs through their big white tube, just for a little variation. Then Lucy and Bunya run outside the pen to get closer to the treats and to join that parade back to the pen.

Once the food/treats are in their bowl, they form a perfect little Bunmuda Triangle. For a second or two. Then skittish Lucy jumps back; Bunya must have tossed her a look. Ethel jumps back, too, in case of danger she didn't see (video stops but the girls get more).

And Bunya just keeps on peacefully munching. Usually, we spread this between the two bowls and everyone can graze. Then lights out, goodnight bunnies, and see you tomorrow.

Every night, the same Three Stooges chase.
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.


  1. Ours chase each other around, too. Definitely bedtime bedlam!

  2. Bunya's thought bubble at the ends seems to be "Yeesh, Girls!"

  3. Lol! That's funny! With only one bun, his bedtime is sometimes more like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube - and its our fault! We made a game of it, from the beginning. Some nights, he goes in, easy peasy. All I have to do is head to his door, & he goes right in, but we never know what that playful bun is going to do.

  4. Cracks me up how bunnies build up a routine.

    Jamili likes to hop on over Ashy back and forth whenever it's "conejina" (Spanish for pellets) time.

  5. Works for me too - some food like that!