Tuesday, August 20, 2013

D-I-Y bunny toy

(Recently posted on the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page)

From the Hoppy Bunny Rabbit Rescue, a D-I-Y bunny toy:
1.Chop the toilet roll tube (or paper towel tube) into slices about a centimeter (half an inch) across to make hoops. Each toilet roll makes about 6-7 hoops, about right to make one ball.
2.Once you have your sections, you push one over another, then another over those two, overlapping them at different angles to cover the gaps until you have a ball. At some point before the gaps get too small (usually the 2-3 hoop mark) you might pop in something tasty: hay, papaya or other hard bunny-safe treat (that won't spoil).
Once all the hoops have been added, they should look something like the picture. Let us know how your bunny likes it!

Well, we gave it a try. Took more than 6-7 strips and did not come out quite as round as the picture looks. Ethel loved it ... then Bunya popped out of hiding and took over. 

Later, Lucy gave it a twirl. They seem to like picking it up and tossing it around. So far, nobody has gotten to the treats inside, but we'll see. > : )