Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bunny care - Binky bunny hay buffet

Bunny care - Your bunnies should have 24/7 access to fresh, clean hay. Timothy hay is good. Or Western Timothy hay. You can vary the hay and add some "treat" hays, but check with your HRS or bunny-wise vet to make sure you do not give them too much of a kind of hay that is not good for them.

So ... thinking about that and how to deliver it to the bunnies, here's what developed ...

They picked up on eating from it very quickly (especially Lucy). At about 20 seconds in, Ethel jumps in to join Lucy. Of course, Ethel wanted to eat from the same opening Lucy was and nudges her out of the way. Sometimes, they snatch the food from each other's mouth - especially when treats are involved.

A few points:
+ The container is plastic, so it can be cleaned.
+ Left several inches before the first eating hole so the hay dust could gather in the bottom and be emptied every so often.
+ The three holes are at different heights (didn't know which they might find they wanted to eat from, where the "good" hay pieces might be at a particular time, and the buns are different sizes).
+ A zip tie anchors the container to the wire of their pen, so it shouldn't fall over.
+ Pushed the litter box close to it, so they have to still sit in litter box to eat. This way, if they are still inclined to poop while eating (and yes, they are), they are already positioned to do so.

Then I put a LOT of hay in it (3 kinds) and it's "Chow Time!"
(The "white noise" you may hear in this and a number of other videos is a room air filter we constantly run to keep down the hay dust and bunny hair.)


  1. Did you buy this or make this? I got a plastic box somewhat similar to this for my two bunnies, but it has a fairly large rectangular opening. The idea was that they could get hay but wouldn't kick and spread it all around. However, they pull it out and kick it around anyway.