Monday, August 8, 2011

Rabbit Ramblings Retraction - Important Modification to Bunny Care item

Ethel LOVES the newspaper box (See original post here.)
She loves it so much, she digs and digs ... you can't see her and then she'll rear up her little head, usually with a strip of newspaper across her nose. And then she dives back in.
It has been nicknamed "SCUBA": Self Contained Undernewspaper Bunny Apparatus (apologies, Jacques Cousteau).

Well, WHOOPS! Maybe this was more apparent since Ethel is a LWB (Little White Bunny), but she spent so much time in there, the newsprint was coming off on her paws.

Noooo! Put me back, I wanna' dig!!!
She loves it so much, we had to figure out a substitute, so here's plan B.

It's pretty much the same as plan A, but without the newspaper. We substituted packing paper; a tube of it was 70 sheets of 24" x 24" (off-)WHITE with NO ink printing. Bonus: it was 85% post consumer recycled content. (Found it at Home Depot. It's probably at other stores, too, but, you know, once we found it, we stopped looking.)

Tear or cut it into strips, 2-3" wide.
Layer the bottom with several
of the sheets folded over together.

Cover the bottom layer of folded paper
with lots of separated strips. Fluff them up.
(She's in there. Hint: Look for the pink ears.)
Add bunny.
Ethel pondering whether to forgive us for
temporarily removing her paper box.
Ethel was "upset" with us for taking it away (and even more upset with us for trying to clean her paws), so we are glad to have the SCUBA box back in operation.

Even if you don't have a white bunny, skip the newspaper and go for something ink-less.

August 8 is the LAST DAY ---
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See the 07-27-2011 post for the story. Thank you!

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  1. I tried to do exactly this, but one of my buns keeps peeing in it! Do you have any tips for convincing him it's a toy and not an alternate litter box?