Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bunny Care - For the digging bunny

Update: Important modification to this explained here.

The big reveal: Ethel is the bunny in the family that most likes to dig.
Now, we have discovered what seems to satisfy her urge to dig. Although the others dove in, Ethel will spend a loooong time in this box, all by herself.

1. Box that your bunnies can jump into and out of
2. Newspaper (black & white pages only - no slicks or color)
Here's the recipe:
Tear whole sections of the newspaper into long strips 2-3" wide. Tear by hand and don't worry about precision.
For some of the torn strips, don't separate them; you'll have long strips that consists of however many pages were in that section of the paper ... lay these "condensed" strips in the bottom of the box, maybe an inch or two deep, just all mixed up ... crisscrossed.
Then take a bunch of the strips and separate the pages. "Fluff" them up to fill up the rest of the box and even over the top.

Here, Ethel demonstrates how to use it. She buries herself completely, lifts the paper with her nose, nibbles a little here and there. We've walked by what looks like an empty box, and the paper starts rustling.
Find the bunny in this video...

Who knew that an empty box and some old newspaper could make a bunny so happy?
Who knew that an empty box and some old newspaper could make a bunny's human so happy? Well, maybe it's the happy bunny that makes the happy human.


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