Monday, August 29, 2011

One day at the computer desk -- Treats!

All: Nom, nom, nom...
Ethel: These treats are splendiferous!
Bunya: Yeah, the humans took Bunny 201 at HRS
and came back with a sample bag of treats.
Lucy: Papaya and Exact and Probios, oh my! *

Bunya: Please, Ma'am, may we have s'more? **
Lucy: NOW!

All: nom, nom, nom...
Ethel: Good job, Bunya.
Lucy: Less talking, more nomming.
Oh, wait - you talk, I'll nom.

* Yes, a Wizard of Oz reference. Deal with it.
** An Oliver reference (ever read Dickens - only for school, I'm sure). 
Score - Two movie refs in one post...

Bunny 101 and Bunny 201 are bunny education courses offered at our local HRS chapter.
Check for educational courses in your area -
A good idea even BEFORE you get a bunny.

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