Thursday, August 25, 2011

More cardboard - the Hopper Hideaway

Hey, everybody - look what I found!
May I come in?
Sure - there's room for everybunny!

This is the old home-built construct the buns have had for a while, and still love. They hide inside or jump on top and go through the elevated tunnel. It is currently in their pen, but if we can get a similar upper level on the Hopper Hideaway, it might replace this thing in their pen. (That's Ethel peeking through the little window.)

BTW, the Hopper Hideaway was not available from my local HRS shop (the first place to look for anything bunny) so I ordered it from Cats & Rabbits & More (lots of pictures of it here). It is the deluxe starter digs ($17.99 + S&H), with two houses and one connecting tunnel. I have not yet gone crazy and constructed a series of connected Hopper Hideaways...

But the thought has crossed my mind.

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