Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunnies rescued from hoarder and others...

Went to GHRS today to visit some of the bunnies rescued from the RV park. Here are a few pictures ...



Fiona & Archie

Unfortunately, they all had this on their pens.

As noted in prior post:
This 03-29-2013 article seems to be the most complete and fact-filled update yet.

There is an emergency need for foster homes and funds to care for these rabbits. The survivors of horrendous treatment at the hands of the hoarders (and others - see the article) will need foster homes shortly. This influx has maxed out the GHRS resources of space and funds -- right before the Easter "busy season" when so many "Easter rabbit" impulse buys are abandoned.

Here are:

GHRS Facebook page (main)
GHRS website
GHRS donation page
No donation is too small; all are greatly appreciated.

To everyone who has written to RR or commented that
you have donated or re-posted the appeal!
You are a hero to these bunnies!

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  1. Poor babies,If only I could do more but being stuck in the UK Re-posting was all I could least they are safe nowand have a chance of a loving home,xx Speedys mum