Sunday, March 24, 2013

RR Submission: Dexter

Whoops - wrong Dexter!

This is Dexter Bunn!
And what is Dexter Bunn doing in this picture?
Taking his medicine like a champ!
Dexter's slave tells RR that Mr. Bunn is currently recovering from stasis brought on by an abscess in his mouth.

I thought Bunya was being good when he'd take his medicine but Dexter's even better! When it's time for his dose, just say "Medicine" and he is front and center awaiting the administration thereof. The picture shows him sucking it back like it's a delicious carrot juice cocktail.

Kudo's to D.B.'s slave for catching the stasis and saving D.B.!

(P.S. It is not Bunya in this picture, but they sure look like they could be cousins. If Dexter gained a little weight. Maybe more than a little weight.)


  1. Oh, what a good boy Dexter is! The resemblance between these handsome boys is uncanny, too.