Saturday, March 2, 2013

Real bunnies are not an Easter decoration

This video was made for the County of San Diego with assistance from the San Diego House Rabbit Society chapter.

It makes a lot of great points about getting a rabbit as a pet, like:
Rabbits should not be purchased at Easter as an impulse buy or "starter" pet.
Rabbits are a long-term commitment (10 years or more).
Shelters are flooded with bunnies after Easter when all the people who got them without knowing what they were getting into, give them up to shelters or, worse, release them into the wild.
Adopt a "fixed" bunny, don't buy one (fixed also makes them easier to litter box train).
Bunnies are cute and fun.

Enjoy the video and all the cute bunnies in it.
If you are seriously considering a bunny as a pet, check out the blog page, Bunny Pro & Con.


  1. yay education! I think she was very well spoken, I just hope people will see this and other videos before they make a rash decision to get a bun.

  2. Very important information. I will be putting this link up on my blog and FaceBook.

  3. I'm putting this up on my FB, too! Great video :)

  4. I'll be sharing this link, too. We adore our Lola, and though he seemed to have been well cared for before we got him, the timing suggests he may have been another Easter bunny. :(

    How is Bunya progressing?

  5. Terrific video. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Wonderfully crisp and always interesting! So happy to be catching up with all of your exploits!

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