Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunny hoarding in GA - emergency needs

Cold, thin, hoarded rabbits run to GHRS volunteers
after realizing they offered food -
and the buns didn't even know about the love,
attention and health care they would soon receive.

77 rabbits were being kept in deplorable conditions by hoarders in Dunwoody, GA.
So far, it appears that GHRS will be able to rescue not quite half of those.

All this is happening before the dreaded (for bunnies, not people) Easter "busy season" experienced by animal shelters as uneducated people try to get a rabbit for their children or as a novelty holiday gift.

There is an emergency need for foster homes and funds to care for these rabbits.
You can donate or sponsor a rabbit through GHRS here: Donate to GHRS
No donation is too small; all are greatly appreciated.

Most current update as of 2013-03-26, 3PM, from the GHRS Facebook page:
UPDATE: We have ALL of the bunnies from Jellystone Park!! This morning a few representatives from the GHRS headed to Jellystone after an agreement was made to take the females for immediate vetting. Once there, we were gravely concerned about the conditions of ALL OF THE RABBITS and we took each and every one of them from the property. The initial report is that we took 23 rabbits under our care. They are en route to Windward Animal Hospital at this very moment. The buns were hungry, cold and very thin. We will continue with updates as we learn more about their condition. WE NEED IMMEDIATE FOSTER HOMES!! We have rescued over 30 rabbits from this hoarding situation and need to place all of them in temporary housing while they recover and adapt. PLEASE get in touch with us if you are willing to look after a bunny for a period of time. You can reach us at thebunnylady@att.net, info@houserabbitga.com or williams.shelley@bcg.com

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The above stories and updates have been posted on the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page. You can view the page even if you have not joined Facebook.

Please help us...
Thank you!


  1. I donated! Good luck, bunnies!

  2. was this the same story posted on HRS facebook? There was another story about a recent hording situation. The best thing that can happen that the hoarders receive counseling to address their disease.

    1. If you are referring to the RR Facebook page, yes this is the same story, just updated.
      You are absolutely right - it is an illness and if they do not receive successful treatment, they will just repeat the same behavior.