Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RR Submission - Mongo & Monkey (and GHRS Challenge update)

Remember Mongo and Monkey? RR met them at the GHRS Holiday party. Mongo was sitting on Monkey, which may explain Monkey's picture and attitude below. Fortunately, Mongo is a licensed therapy bunny, so he can help Monkey recover from the trauma. M&M's human slave sent RR some current photos - and even made funny memes out of them!

We understand, Monkey, we understand.
(and a Tip o' the hat to Disapproving Rabbits,
a very funny bunny site)

Mongo ,,, looks beery comfortable.

Don't worry about Mongo. His human wrote: The beer bottle was empty and very thoroughly washed, so no bunny was hurt while making this picture :-D

Think these will have to be added to a Funny Bunny Meme page near you.


GHRS Challenge update:

Let's see ... only 37%!?
Aww, c'mon people,
I can poop more than that!

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