Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Executive bunny Bunya

For as long as I can recall, Bunya loves his executive bunny chair. He hops up to the top of the sofa and over, and onto his chair. The chair is used for anyone that wants to sit at the desk, but we figured it was a good idea not to regularly park it at the desk, a potential bunny heaven of chewy wires linking computer, printer, buncam, and so on.

Checking the view before sitting in his chair.

Bunya, watching CNBC
(Cable News Bunny Channel)

Bunya: Did you have an appointment?
How did you get past my secretary?

Before Lucy and Ethel, Alice used to snuggle with Bunya on the chair. Now it is pretty much his ... Lucy and Ethel venture onto the sofa. And Ethel will crest the top cushion. But neither seems to want to join Bunya in the executive chair.

"Olden days": Alice and Bunya, "co-chairs" of Bunya Estates


  1. Yes, yes, of course Bunya owns the Exec. Chair. It is his lot, to oversee one and all from a place of ultimate authority! Its a tough job, but somebun has to do it.

  2. Well done Bunya you're doing a great job!

  3. Of course, we all know that Bunya is the Chief Executive Bunny in the household, and you are just slaves to do his bidding.