Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bunny birthday cards & GHRS challenge update

It's hard to find a bunny birthday card, especially at this time of year, but I received several. Only one of the below was a re-purposed Easter card .... and I don't mind at all.

Inside: and a few more gray hares!
(from Trader Joe's Gourmet Greetings)

Pathway Art cards
Hallmark Shoebox

American Greetings inventions

Hallmark connections

Carlton Cards

Bonus gift: origami rabbit envelope
(came with a dollar bill made into a Swiss Army penguin :)

Postcard (SSI 0410)

Mostly Postcards Inc.


Progress has been made!
Currently at 68% of potential award and $500 has already been sent to GHRS as a down payment.

Here's the deal:
"Like" the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page by 03-31-2013 to raise funds for the Georgia House Rabbit Society to buy the bunnies' shelter home (explained here).

There are about 10 days left to max out the award to GHRS, so please send the Facebook link to your bunny loving friends.

Thank you!


  1. Happy Birthday! and soon there will be Speedy cards too!keep a look out for the launch in the near future....