Friday, November 25, 2011

Breakfast for 3 bunnies

The first thing I give the bunnies for breakfast is their crumbles. Usually, all three of them home in on them and start chomping, maybe after a stretch. And after Bunya gets his brief head rub - but not too long ... he doesn't want the girls to get a jump on him food-wise (like that will ever happen).

The light bulbs in the bunnies' den are fluorescent. Therefore, they take some time to warm up and really light the room. This clip is too dark (tried to lighten it with "special effects") but the bunnies behavior so amused me (surprise!) that I had to share it anyway.

The crumbles are spread among three bowls, so they can share or not. This morning, they all three decided to crowd into the same bowl. Even with the view from above, you can see them chewing at 150 mph. And they stay all mushed together, with their heads bobbing up and down like those little toy birdies that drink water.

All-in-all, a model of cooperative eating. They started out with in their classic position, with Ethel squished between Bunya and Lucy (but that part was really dark).

It was reminiscent of my favorite picture of them...
Love the little heart on Lucy's shoulder, formed because
her black ear was laying back in just the right place.
You can get this picture on a mouse pad
and benefit GHRS - help rescue bunnies - here.

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