Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ethel surveys her domain

Ethel has been taking to the high ground lately. This includes hopping on the sofa and seeing what there is to see. She may be pondering a leap to the desk with all those delicious wires and power cords.

In these photos, she hopped on top of their cardboard warren and checked out the four corners of the map.
Window to outside - check.
Bunya's pretty much chewed up the books on the bookcase,
but there appear to be many tasty pages left for me.

Chew stick A-frame - check.
And boxes to hop on, but plastic, so no traction.
Have to get the humans to change that somehow.

Ahhh, home sweet home.
Hmm, note to self: get the humans to vacuum some of those stray poops.

And - ohhhh, the human.
And he's got that stupid camera again.
Who does he think he is, the digital Ansel Adams???

We live but to do their bidding...

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